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Air Dryers - Zander - KN & KNA Heatless Series

KEN Series Zander Absorption Air Dryers Features of the ecodry KEN Series Absorption Dryers:
  • Block valve design for air and gas service reduces size and pressure drop (through KN 22) - 2 Year Guarantee.
  • Rugged full flow pneumatically activated puppet valves (KN 30-36).
  • Informal S.S. T flow pneumatically activated butterfly valves (KN 40 and above).
  • Packaged complete with pre-mounted X series pre-filter and Z series after-filter (through KN 22) for easy two-connection installation).
  • Flexible Variotronic Control - Can be installed and operated in any conditions worldwide.
  • Vibrofill method insures superior ecosorb desiccant density, performance and service life.
  • Stainless desiccant support system insures best air contact and extended valve service.
  • Compressor stop/start mode for greater economy.


  • NEMA 7 controls for hazardous locations or pneumatic controls for applications where electricity is not available.
  • ZANDER ecotronic dew point control monitor for power savings.
  • Integrated activated carbon tower (KNA Package).
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How does the KEN Series operate?

ZANDER Variotronic Control System
Valve Pos. 5/6 (KN 4-22)
KEN Series Zander Absorption Air Dryers - Valve Pos. 5/6 (KN 4-22)
Valve Pos. 1-4 (KN 4-22)
KEN Series Zander Absorption Air Dryers - Valve Pos. 1-4 (KN 4-22)
ZANDER Ecotronic Dew Point Control System & ZANDER ecodry KNA Series Purification System

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