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Rotary Screws - Lubricated - Curtis


Curtis - Base Mounted Direct Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressors. The Symbol of Quality and Excellence Since 1854.

Curtus R/S-D Series. Shown is the R/S 75 Air Cooled Direct Drive Compressor.

Curtis R/S-D Series Features

  • High Efficiency
  • Easy to Install
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Clean, Cool, Compressed Air
  • CURTIS Dependability and Customer Service

Shown: R/S 75 Air Cooled Direct Drive Compressor.

The CURTIS direct drive rotary screw compressor uses an advanced rotor design to deliver a maximum of air per energy dollar. The asymmetrical rotor profile is of the latest design. This unique design used by CURTIS combines with the rotor. Oil injection and a tuned intake and exhaust system to deliver maximum efficiency to pressures of 175 PSI.

The R/S-D Series power curve is kept at the correct RPM for peak efficiency by proper selection of the gear ratio. The R/S-D Series rotary screw air compressor’s output per energy dollar compares favorably with any other compressor manufacturer in the world.


The CURTIS R/S-D Series direct drive compressor is rugged. Every component has been designed longer operating life with minimal service. For example the R/S-D oil cooler is oversized to dispose of the heat generated by compressing this volume of air. All fittings, controls, values and electrical components have proven themselves many years of operation in much larger components.

The R/S-D Series drive motor and air end are mounted on a separated sub-frame which is attached to the main frame with vibration isolation dampers. This method of installation maintains correct alignment of the motor and gear drive, and promotes long bearing life in both the motor and compressors.

CURTIS Rotary Screw Air Compressors have been successfully operating under severe conditions. For example, CURTIS is delivering air energy in high humidity of oil well drilling platforms in the Caribbean. That heritage is what makes the R/S-D Series such a thoroughbred.


The CURTIS engineering staff subscribes to the principle: Keep It Simple. The RS-D Series piping system is designed with the fewest joints possible. All joints are sealed with TEFLON™ tape and space-age sealants to minimize the possibility of a leak. All steel tubing and rigid piping are used – no hoses.
The R/S-D Series compressor is simple to install and easy to maintain, and is engineered to give the user many years of trouble-free service.


The R/S-D Series was developed for the production of a steady supply of high quality, contaminate free air. Oil carry-over is less than 3 parts per million, and can be reduced even further with a coalescing filter.


The R/S-D Series is ideal for a wide variety of applications such as auto and production line painting, machine tool control, air tools, sand blasting, process air, and the operation of plant air systems.


Standard Equipment

  • Dry type Inlet Filter / Silencer
  • Oil Filter
  • Motor / Compressor Drive Coupling
  • Drive Guard
  • Multi-Stage Oil Separator Unit
  • ODP Motor - 60 HZ, 1.15 SF
  • Safety Valve
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Oil Cooler
  • Nema 1 Control
  • 115 Volt Control Transformer
  • Separate Fan Motor and Starter on Air Cooled
  • Hour Meter
  • High Temperature Shut Down Switch with Light
  • Oil Level Sight Glass
  • Start-Top Buttons
  • Modulating Control with Timed Shutdown
  • Water Temperature Control Valve on Water Cooled Units.
  • Minimum Pressure Valve.
  • Factory Fill Lubricant
  • Thermoelastic Oil Valve
  • Low Unloaded HP Blow Down System
  • Steel Base with Isolated Motor / Compressor Base
  • Aftercooler / Moisture Separator


Model A B C Weight
with Encl.
less Encl.
HP CFM / PSI Air Out
100 125 150 175 NPT
R/S 50-AD 42" 72" 44" 1955# 1750# 50 225 212 186 172 1½"
R/S 50-D 48" 72" 48" 2375# 1975# 50 240 219 195 185 1½"
R/S 60-D 48" 72" 48" 2570# 2170# 60 280 275 236 205 1½"
R/S 75-D 54" 84" 60" 3140# 2690# 75 350 329 305 261 2"
R/S 100-D 54" 84" 60" 3800# 3350# 100 470 410 363 308 2"
R/S 125-D 60" 84" 64" 5250# 4750# 125 590 520 450 425 2"
R/S 150-D 60" 90" 64" 5550# 4750# 150 730 635 - - 2"

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