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Rotary Screw Gear Drive - Lubricated - Chicago Pneumatic
CPG Series


Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic CPG 450

Chicago Pneumatic CPG Series 375 - 475 HP Features

  • Fully enclosed compressor package
  • Microprocessor control with timed shutdown
  • Low sound levels
  • Wye-Delta, TEFC motor
  • Available in 460V and 4160V
  • Water-cooled operation
  • Rapid maintenance from hinged access panels
  • Small footprint saves vital production space

Shown: CPG 450

Maximize your productivity with an optimum compressed air solution provided by the CPG series of compressors. Built-in cooling provides improved performance, reliable transmission for energy savings and an advanced monitoring system ensure you get the most from your compressed air system! The CPG provides minimum operating cost, easy installation and simplified maintenance.


  • Gear drive transmission ensures perfect alignment and efficient power transmission for minimum energy losses
  • Rugged components tested and proven provide long lifetime even in harsh conditions (46°C ambient temp)
  • Two-stage separation system for superior air quality and residual oil content less than 3ppm prevents contamination into your application
  • Industrial-grade, 2 micron air filters protect the internal components of the compressor, thus increasing their lifetime


  • Microprocessor controller uses latest computer technology to give a user-friendly display that monitors maintenance intervals, compressor performance and potential operating dangers
  • Remote monitoring capability and multiple safety protections
  • Ability to control up to 4 other electronically controlled compressors
  • The electronic microprocessor provides weekly programming and pressure band selection for energy savings


  • High quality sound–attenuating insulation protects the work environment
  • Fan with low rotation speed reduces sound level and minimizes operating costs
  • State-of-the-art screw element: time proven design with superior quality material for highest machine output
  • Easy panel access to all service points, air and water connections
  • Latest heat exchanger technology combined with high capacity ventilation fan for efficient cooling and energy-saving heat recovery systems

CPG 375 - 475 HP

acfm @125 psig17501954N/A
acfm @150 psig 152817471947
acfm @175 psigN/A15201739
Sound level (dBA)777880
Length (in.)175175175
Width (in.)848484
Height (in.)919191
Approx. Weight (lbs.)144711467114871

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