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Rotary Screw Belt Drive - Lubricated - Chicago Pneumatic
CPC Series


Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic CPC 50

Chicago Pneumatic CPC Series 40 - 60 HP Features

  • Low Sound Enclosure
  • 100-175 psig*
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Rapid, Single-Panel Maintenance
  • Wye-Delta, Reduced Voltage Start
  • Electronic Microprocessor Control
  • 230/460V, TEFC Motor
  • Price-Performance Leader

Shown: CPC 50

High efficiency cooling and low power consumption make the CPC the ideal choice for processes requiring constant air flow at a steady pressure. Load/no-load control with timed shutdown increases the compressor life and improves energy-saving operations so the price-performance benefits mean reliable compressed air at minimum cost.
  The ES3000 steadily monitors the operation and maintenance cycles and notifies you - before a problem occurs!


The CPC & CPD are managed by the ES3000, an electronic control unit programmed for energy saving operation with intelligent shut-down. It is known that when the motor is not running it does not consume electric power so the goal of the ES3000 is to let the electric motor work for the shortest period of time during idle operation. The intelligent shut-down feature can save a customer hundreds of dollars per year.


Every 3 dBA means twice the perceived sound level and increased worker fatigue from noise pollution. Chicago Pneumatic understands how important the work environment is for employees which is why every compressor comes standard with a low-sound enclosure. When you consider that our 100 hp belt drive compressor operates at 71 dBA and our 100 hp gear drive compressor operates at 66 dBA, you can truly enjoy the silence!


CP Compressors is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most reliable equipment for your compressed air application and we stand behind our promise with one of the most competitive STANDARD warranties in the industry!

  • All Rotary Screw 5 YEARS
  • Two-Stage Reciprocating 2 Years
  • Single-Stage Reciprocating 1 Year
  • No contracts or service agreements. Authorized start-up required.


CPC 40 - 60 HP

HP 40 50 60
acfm @ 100 psig 180 227 281
acfm @ 125 psig 164 202 246
acfm @ 150 psig 149 180 219
Sound Level (dBA) 69 70 71
Length (in) 43 43 43
Width (in) 55 55 55
Height (in) 61 61 61
Base Weight (lbs) 1532 1576 1742

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