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AirCom Aluminum tubing and components






Aluminum is the most suitable material to deliver pressured fluids, such as compressed air.

Therefore, over the years AIRCOM developed a full range of quick mechanical fittings for a perfect connection to aluminum pipes.

Aircom proves to be the only company, in its market, totally and exclusively focused on and specialized in design and manufacturing of components for compressed air distribution systems, and is offering a product range that is by far wider than any other competitor in the market.

Fittings in enameled die-cast aluminum alloy, available in following diameter sizes:

OD 20 25 32 40 50 63 80 110 168 mm
OD 3/4 1 1.1/4 1.1/2 2 2.1/2 3 4 5 inches


Some of the many features and benefits:

Compliance with specs
All products meeting 97/23/EC directive on pressure equipment, which has the force of law and is valid from May 29, 2009.

Thanks to the high quality of AIRCOM product range performances, we offer our products on a 10-year warranty against any defective material in AIRCOM aluminum pipes and fittings.

Short installation time
The rapidity and ease of installation of our systems is the consequence of an innovative technology, Thanks to an immediate connection of any component to the aluminum pipe

Lightness and power
The AL Quick Line is available in the following OD:

Longtime studies on dimensions and materials have allowed us to obtain a 100% aluminum fitting line with incomparable light weights. Moreover, thanks to the brand new 110mm you will have a flow rate that will allow you to create high efficiency compressor rooms.

Air Quality and Maintenance
Thanks to our 100% aluminum fittings, quality of the air is constant from the compressor to all the user’s tools. The lower roughness of the inside pipes surface allows an optimal flow and thanks to the quality of fittings and to their strong resistance costs for maintenance will be strongly reduced.

Modularity and Resistance
Our aluminum systems are modular and lightweight, perfect to reduce installation times. Thanks to the study of components and materials our fittings are resistant to corrosion, mechanical shock and thermal variations. The AL Quick Line is an evolution in systems for compressed air and pressurized fluids.


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